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large agate over enamel in sterling silver

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this particular agate comes from a small collection of stones that I purchased at a recent estate sale. from what I can tell, the owner was a rock hound, and they had a nice collection of agate cabochons that they had cut and polished themselves. i have such a love for agates - the variation of patterns, textures, colors, and the overall durability of these stones - i couldn't pass up such a unique and inspiring collection. estate sales are always kind of bittersweet...going thru someone else's belongings and trying to form a sense of who they were by what they collected and cherished and then finding the pieces of theirs that you will also then collect and cherish. i like the collaborative/yet slightly creepy nature of it all. i couldn't bare to think about these these beautiful stones not seeing the light of day, so here is #1 in the akiyoshi/windler collab.

made of: translucent agate over blue enamel, set in fine silver and sterling silver.

size: 8

details: matte finish with slight texture on the bezel around the stone, artist stamped signature on back of ring

dimensions: face of ring is slighlty over 1.5" x 1" and the band is 6mm wide.

ships: for free via USPS priority mail

packaging: comes in a matte black paper box with a velvet pouch, and a signed artist card.